How do I increase followers on Instagram in one week?


Instagram today has over a billion users worldwide. ( buymalaysianfollowers ) Of this million’s are malaysian, according to the latest We Are Social record. We know that, here in Malaysia, people use this network a lot to get information, but it also boosts business. After all, 1/3 of the stories viewed are from brands.

This means your business has a great opportunity to connect with potential customers and get more Instagram followers. Starting from scratch is difficult, but seeing your competitor gain space in the market is much worse.

Instagram works both to improve brand presence and to drive sales. So you need to consider this network and also gain and engage followers. From beginning to end, this article is on a mission to help you with that. Are we going to increase your number of followers on Instagram and dominate this social media?


1. Create your follower persona

If you’ve been researching Inbound Marketing, you’ve heard the term buyer persona. On Instagram, this need remains the same, see? Before starting your account, think carefully about the exact person you want as a follower.

What are your age, gender, interests, and habits? Once you know as much information as possible, creating relevant content for that profile will be much easier. Find a suitable language, find out which subjects are interesting and which formats the persona is more engaged in.

In short, for your content to be relevant to the public, you need to know who the people following your account are. After all, creating content for 1 billion people needs to be clarified.

Remember that the persona is a semi-fictional character of who your ideal follower would be, but you should still stick to the collected notes. Innovation is a relevant ingredient, especially when talking about social networks — an environment often already saturated by the same topics and posts.

2. Answer some key questions

Who are we, and what is our persona. ( buymalaysianfollowers )  You need to know what your profile and brand are on Instagram. Remember that your business on Instagram doesn’t have to be the same as yours on Facebook or Twitter — after all, they’re different to buy instagram followers

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Remember that Instagram followers need to receive different content on this channel. Otherwise, you run the risk of them choosing just one to follow. Or even give up on them all because they’re tired of the sameness! So, let’s go to the questions to improve your goal of having more followers on Instagram:

  • What feeling do we offer? Are you a motivational account? Funny? Educational? What is the language style? Friendly? Professorial? Full of slang? The point here is that when you know what you offer, it’s easy to know what content needs to be produced.
  • Why would anyone follow our account? If you don’t know the answer to this question, don’t create a profile. Make a list of the benefits your follower will receive if they follow your Instagram.
  • How to produce the content? What tools will be used in this production? Posting calendars here is a good idea.
  • What do we want from our followers? Do you want to acquire new customers from them? Increase traffic to your website.

3. Partner with accounts similar to yours

This strategy is like a beneficial co-marketing to both accounts. Getting in touch with other users by direct message (the famous DM) is how you can get in touch with other accounts. Find some accounts with an audience similar to yours and suggest exchanging disclosures or establishing a partnership.

You post content mentioning them and vice versa. Try to find those accounts with your company’s ideal follower type. Another way to exchange disclosures is to make a repost, which is done with the Repost app — available on Android and iOS.

4. Use hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to access new Instagram followers, but the strategy can also be spammy. Instead of putting hashtags in your post description, add the hashtags in a comment after posting.

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That way, your current and potential followers will be okay with you’re spamming. Creating hashtags can also help identify your brand and help users find your profile after searching for a particular hashtag.

5. Make good use of the different formats available

The social network started with posting images and short videos, but now it is possible to post up to 10 images at a time and 60-second videos. Therefore, taking advantage of the formats available for publications makes your feed more attractive to followers on Instagram.

Already in stories, the possibilities are even greater. Filters, boomerangs and options such as stickers, background music, polls and questions are excellent alternatives to interact and attract followers’ site to buy instagram followers malaysia

The various features can make your profile more interesting and engage followers, such as polls and Reels videos. Use creativity to innovate and take advantage of the social network’s possibilities!

Diversified formats work very well according to the purposes of your posts; know which ones are most interesting to the public. Another tip is to familiarize yourself with these features, as Instagram is always innovating.

6. Create impactful images

Because it is a social network with a strong visual appeal, impactful images increase your engagement and publication reach. However, do not forget that quality is crucial because low-quality photos and videos detract from the user experience.

Take the opportunity to dare to use images: take photos at different angles, bet on good lighting and other differentials in your feed. That way, when new visitors enter the page, they will see that your profile differs from everyone else’s.

Drawing attention and standing out attracts followers. We suggest investing in a harmonic feed with a visual identity that helps identify the public—thinking about the same filter or images with colours that refer to your branding. Some suggestions. Buy more instagram followers malaysia

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7. Promote polls

Here is a very interesting way to get more engagement and, in addition, to know more about your followers. The option to create polls in stories is a great tool to know your audience’s opinion more directly — and on any subject!

Creating polls for followers to answer is a strategic and practical way to understand your audience’s thoughts. Also, consider what he would like to see, what subjects are most interesting and other relevant information. To do this, create a story with an image or video and select the “poll” option. Then you can ask a question and give two options for voting answers.

After a certain time, you can check who viewed and voted, the alternatives chosen, and the partial result. In the story with the poll, you can access all the information and statistics and better understand the voting.buymalaysianfollowers

8. Tag location in your posts

By tagging the location in the photo, your Instagram followers can search for that keyword in the search tab, and your post will appear among the results. Amazing. And there’s nothing magical: it’s pure strategy! Tagging your posts with your location is a way for others to find your profile. You can also add a new location and mark it when needed.

9. Proofread your texts before publishing them

Posts with grammar and spelling errors are very negative for your company. After all, this can make followers feel unprepared or, in other situations, even reduce the credibility and relevance of your profile.

So, whenever you have a post ready to go live, review it one more time before hitting the publish button. Review the post’s text, location, tags, and other aspects. An interesting tip is always to write the content and then wait a while to review it.When we finish writing something, our eyes and brains are used to what has just been done. Therefore, letting the text “rest” for a period helps to read carefully and identify errors.